VAMBO 2024


For those who revel in the nostalgia of rock’s golden era and seek a contemporary embodiment of its spirit, Vambo emerges as an unmissable revelation. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Deep Purple, Aerosmith and Whitesnake, their music serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of the bands that shaped them, offering a sonic journey that not only pays homage to the past but also propels the genre into the future with renewed vigor, vision and passion.

Meet Vambo – Jack Stiles, vocals, with his captivating presence and powerhouse voice, is a magnetic force at the centre stage. On guitar, Pete Lance, unleashing a thunderous energy that seizes the audience’s attention from the very first power chord. David Flitt, a dynamic drummer who is the driving force behind Vambo’s signature style, which blends power and subtlety. Finally, James Scott’s provocative bass lines underpin every performance, adding depth and vigour to Vambo’s music.

”Too self-consciously smart for metal” – Classic Rock Magazine

As seen in Classic Rock Magazine’s ‘High Hopes’ feature, Vambo have established themselves as a rising force in the rock scene, one that is not to be overlooked.

They are no strangers to the live circuit, having played shows and major festivals throughout Europe, including Download Festival, Isle of Wight Festival and Stone Free Festival. They have toured extensively in the UK, supporting other acclaimed acts such as Jared James Nichols, Y&T, Praying Mantis, Stray and Cats in Space.